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Griffon's Prom!!!!!

First off, I would have used a Brian/Justin prom icon, but I apparently don't have one, so I used the one where they're dancing instead.

So remember this little guy here?  When he first learned about riding bikes, jumping over obstacles and wiping out?

Well, the bikes have gotten faster and he's all grown up now:

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As I said before, somewhere, it wasn't the minute he donned the tux that I got all emotional, about the fact that he would be graduating high school any day now, that his primary education was now at an end.

It was when I got the email from his school, about filling in the paperwork for a refund for any money left over on his lunch account (or did I want to transfer it to another sibling) that it sunk in.

And I cried.

"There's Somethang about Rick" apartment

So I'm getting pretty good reviews over at AO3 for my rickyl fic.

I realized that I had mentioned that the apartment was based on Ally Darling's apartment from "What's Your Number," but it seems quite a few people haven't watched that gem yet.

Okay, yes, the movie is pure trash.

But Chris Evans, practically naked?

It shouldn't be called "What's Your Number?" but "What's Not to Like?"

So here are the photos behind the cut:Collapse )

So there you go.

"There's Somethang About Rick" Rick/Daryl Chapter 1 - 8

So I'm going to post my stuff here as well.

This is the first 8 chapters of "There's Somethang about Rick" fic.

The links will take you to Archive of our Own, HOWEVER you may comment here as much as you wish.

I repeat, you may comment here.  You can comment, nag me, tell me whatever you want.  You can read it there, and comment HERE.  LOL!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Griffon, Robin Williams and John Candy

So Griffon turned 18 over the weekend.

He sort of did a Justin, Season 1, which is funny since I don't even think he would have remembered that.

Griffon:  Now I can do porn, get married, vote, smoke and join the military.
Me:  Well, I guess I know what you're doing this weekend.  ;P

So I was watching that movie, Night at the Museum 3, with Robin Williams and there's the scene at the end, where he tells Ben Stiller OKAY MAJOR MOVIE SPOILER HERE IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET good-bye for the final time because they decide the tablet should stay in the British Museum for now on, so this would be the last night for everyone to come alive.

And damn if I didn't tear up!  Not because this is the end of the franchise and Ben Stiller made it particularly teary-eyed for me, but because it was almost as if Robin Williams himself was saying good-bye for the last time and it finally hit me.

It was so final.

Remember when John Candy died?  I loved that man in so, so many of his films.  That scene of him waving good-bye at the end of Uncle Buck, no matter how many times I've seen the damn movie, always chokes me up.
Severen - Near Dark

Okay, so here goes...

I just paid for my account for the next 6 months.

That's it.

I'm officially back.

I need to get back into the swing of things and I have all my icons again.

Of course, I'll need new ones now too.

So has anyone been watching the returning Bates Motel?

If so, any thoughts, questions?

Griffon and I have been watching it together for the past year.  Why?  Because we thought it would be ironic.  LOL!

We sit there and mock everything Norman and Norma does.  We cringe at the appropriate times (like both of them in bed together.  Seriously, why would you not mock that).

If you do watch it, answer me this.  How is it this kid is so attached to his momma's apron strings yet still manages to get all these hot girls he has sex with?  This just doesn't compute.

PIctures of the kids and a question

Hi guys!

So I've been posting my Walking Dead fanfic over at Archive of our Own under the name Demented_queen.

I'd like to start posting my fic here in ernest (I've only posted the first chapter of one of them) but it doesn't look like you guys are into that.

Would you be interested though?

Or would a link to the latest chapter suffice?

Also, remember Griffon?  He was just a kid learning how to ride motorcycles last time I was here, about ready to go into Middle School.

Well, he's going to graduate high school this year and of course we had to have a photographer do his senior portraits.  She came to our house and got some great shots of him.  Piper happened to be there being ridiculously cute so here are some of them.

Oh yeah, Piper is 3 in these, just about to turn 4:

Collapse )They grow up so damn fast!!!

So let me know about the fic.

There's Something About Rick, Chapter 1, Rick/Daryl

So, I thought maybe I should start posting my little fic here.

Title: There's Somethang About Rick
Chapter: 1
Pairing: Rick/Daryl, Michonne/Andrea, Glenn/Maggie
Rating: Mature?
Fandom: The Walking Dead (TV)
Tags: AU - No zombies (damn AO3 for getting used to these thangs), slow build, sexual humor, sexual tension and everyone is horny in the damn building.

Summary: After finalizing the divorce papers with Lori (and seriously, is this a trope unto its own), Rick moves into an apartment building in Atlanta to start his new life. He has to seriously wonder about his sanity though when he has to deal with his rather effeminately furnished living space, strange neighbors like the sweet couple who live down the hall with their college coed sister who can't seem to keep from jumping Rick whenever she sees him, the two lesbian lawyers on the top floor that want to make him the meat in their sandwich, the guy named Morgan who thinks he's Batman and the fascinating guy across the hall with the quick smile and riveting eyes named Daryl who has a brother that likes to answer the door naked.

Then again, maybe sanity is over-rated and this place is just what Rick needs.

Collapse )

So you know, as always, I love feedback.
hanging phones

Well hello there...

I don't think many of my friends are still out there, but just so you know, my youngest is now 4 and I'm writing again.

Yep, new fandom, new ship.

If any of you like my writing and you like:


(You will know this fandom if you know what this gif means)

Then I am demented_queen over at Archive of Our Own.

And that is my current ship (Rick/Daryl) and my current fic is "There's Somethang About Rick"

He there! So as if I wasn't busy enough as it was...

...back in April, we opened another restaurant.

Apparently Joe thought that someone had added more hours to the day.

We discovered after a month of getting the restaurant ready to open, while still running an existing restaurant and managing a baby, that the earth's rotation on its own axis was still, yes, sadly only 24 hours.

I know. I too was quite disappointed.

So yeah, the Grill across the river from our hamburger joint had closed earlier and the chance came up for us to take it over and take it over we did. We changed the name from the grill to the diner and voila!

A new headache and all-consuming money pit.

Actually, it wasn't a money pit. A pit assumes there's a bottom. This was a friggin' black hole.

Sorry to say, the economy is such that a venture like this was not the smartest thing to do (especially since most of my vendors have agreed this has been the worst year for restaurants in 20 years) and we closed the place at the end of December.

Yeah, we took a risk and it didn't pan out. What are you gonna do? We still have Small Fryes so that's good.

I also have more time again. Joe made some comment about how I used to love posting to my journal and thought I should get back to that again.

So here we are!

*dons Ed Norton's Fight Club voice* I am Joe's guilt-ridden conscience.

I don't know about writing fanfic anymore, but there is so much else to write about: newsworthy stories, reality tv, movies, kids, those wacky Kardashians...

Wait, I won't go there. They get enough press already as it is.

(For what I have no idea).
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Does anybody watch Face Off?

So I was wondering, does anybody here watch Face Off, the SyFy channel's answer to all those elimination challenge shows (e.i. American Idol, The Next Great Baker)?

I love this show!! But seriously, what does Megan have on the judges?

She should have been eliminated back during the Horror Movie Villain challenge.

And Tate?

Very talented. I hope he wins.

Plus, he's a real cutie. :)

What do you think? Who would you like to win? Who do you miss? Was the zombie dance number just plain stupid? Did Megan's bride look like Wesley Snipes or Ru Paul? Is Tate really cute or am I just blind?