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Fiction Filter and Plot Requests

I've made several new friends since starting that filter, so I'm offering the opportunity yet again for anyone who wants it to join my original fiction filter.

If you can access the fic Culling the Herd, then you are on the filter.

Just a note though, you had to have asked to be added to the filter.

Why am I posting this again? Because I am writing two original short stories.

The first one has to do with child abuse and can be considered dark, although there is no gratuitous violence in it, it is still quite dark.

The second one is a sequel to my original fic, A Day like any other day. This story is NOT behind a filter and can be read now if you wish.

But the sequel, as with the other story I am currently writing, will be dark themed and will be behind the filter.

So just post a comment here if you wish to be added to the filter and I will add you quickly.

Now on to the second part of my post. Is there something (small, mind you) you would like me to write about in any of my verses? And please don't request 'the next chapter of so and so.' This is just something quick, a snippet or even a bit of dialog, to any of the verses I've written in.

I find this has always been a source of fun for most of my f-listers. :)
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