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Fic Request #2 - from Death Does Not Become Him

Here's the second request!

For liriel1810 who requested a lovely conversation from the Death Does Not Become Him verse. That's Orlibean (Orlando Bloom/Sean Bean). You don't have to know the story really or care that much for the pairing.

You might still like it. :)

"Did you see what's going on over on the Island now?" Dommie asked as he read an international news site.

"What's going on over in the mother country Sblomie?" Orlando asked as he leaned further into Sean who was situated on the large, overstuffed easy chair.

Billy walked up behind Dom and read over his shoulder. "The crazy bastards! Oh you won't believe this Orli."

"Well what is it?" Eric asked impatiently.

"I was just about to tell never give me a chance to...never says here that since they outlawed all the guns in the country, crime has risen dramatically," Billy explained.

"Everyone knows you get rid of the guns and the crime rate goes up. What? They're going to abolish the law?" Sean asked. It was about bloody time. It was a stupid law. Parliament had their bloody head up their arses if you asked him.

"No," Dommie laughed. "It gets better. The study here says that now murders from knife wounds has gone up. So..."

Billy started laughing.

"Oh no," Orlando sighed. "They're going to outlaw knives? That'll be bloody useful. Wait? You mean they're really going to?" he asked incredulously.

"Yep," Dom nodded.

"How's a bloke going to cut his steak?" Billy asked in astonishment.

"Hey or even butter his roll," Eric pointed out and laughed.

"Why does everything you say sound like you're talking about your cock?" Sean asked indignantly.

"So now what? No more guns. No more knives," Orlando started to tick off. "What? So now people will start throwing rocks at each other," he chuckled.

"Then they'll have to outlaw all rocks and stones," Eric interjected.

"Oh," Billy muttered. "There goes Stonehenge."

The End

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