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Fic #4 - "It's all Old Testament" from the Justin's Baby verse

So here's fic request #4.

khaywren requested a snippet from the Justin's Baby verse, something involving a conversation with Joe.

Here's the fic, a conversation between Brian and Joe.

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"What was that guy's name?"

"What guy?" Brian asked as he lounged back in his supple, black leather chair, enjoying that slow burn you get from Beam.

"You know, the guy?" Joe insisted.

"Joe, we've been together for how long?"

"I dunno," Joe shrugged. "The dawn of time?"

"Ding ding ding, so you have to be a little more specific," Brian said wearily while he rubbed his temple.

"The guy with the boat."

"Oh yeah, that guy. Captain Stubing?" Brian chuckled.

"Naw, the guy with the boat and the animals all paired up."

"Noah? You mean Noah."

"That's him!" Joe exclaimed.

"Yeah, I remember Noah," Brian nodded. "You know, I'm evil but what you did...well, that was pretty shitty."

"Hey! I was pissed off cause the asshole wouldn't listen to me about the fucking pandas."

"Yeah, but it wasn't as if you were getting back at him, now were you?" Brian countered, one elegant eyebrow poised upward.

"Yeah, well, okay, so it was a pretty shitty thing to do. But really, nobody believes in unicorns anyway..."

"That's because you made them go extinct! Switching out the female unicorn for another male was just plain..."

"Evil?" Joe smirked. "But fucking funny as hell."

"Yeah real funny," Brian muttered.

"Noah was all like, 'I don't understand. The unicorns have been getting it on, but the female isn't with child yet,'" Joe mimicked in a deep, baritone voice.

"Who knew you were introducing same sex marriage even way back then."

"Yeah, who knew," Joe smiled. "So, you remember that other guy?"


"You know, the guy with the stone tablets and the Red Sea. Charleton Heston played him in the movie..."


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