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Fic #5 - from the "Justin's Baby" verse

Okay, here's fic #5. my2cats asked for something from the Justin's Baby verse so here's another one! LOL!

And it's starring none other than Mr. Blik. Remember? The idol Justin's professor gave to him was made to ward off Satan and all evil. It just so happens that the idol looks just Mr. Blik, here:

"Yikes, what the fuck is that?!?"

"An image of me apparently," Brian droned. "It's supposed to ward me off."

Joe winced as he took the idol from Brian. "Naw, this looks nothin' like you. He looks too fuckin' happy."

"That's all you can say? That he looks too fucking happy. I have a list you know," Brian said, looking askance at Joe as his long time companion handed him the idol back.

"Sorry, but he does." Joe shrugged. "Where did you get that thing anyway?"

"I had Debbie pilfer it from Justin. His professor gave it to him at the Institute." Brian turned the carving over and over again in his hands. "I'm happy."

"No you're not."

"Then what am I?"

Joe stopped to think for a minute before pointing his finger at Brian. "Mildly amused."

"I'm not supposed to be happy. I'm evil."

"What have you done that was so evil lately?" Joe asked.

"Ethan," Brian proclaimed.

"I ask again, what have you done that was so evil?"

Brian had to think about it for awhile.

"Aha!" Joe exclaimed. "You can't think of anything."

"I started a new ad campaign promoting the use of Tymat-183. It's been banned in 10 out of 18 countries," Brian said proudly.

"Oooh...I'm shaking in my boots," Joe shivered. "Come on. Let's go out. Find a few souls. Make a few deals. I know this great fuckin' place where all the lawyers like to hang out. It'll be easy and shooting fish in a fuckin' barrel."

Brian laid the idol down on the coffee table, Joe bending down to look at it once again. "Although, the eyes have that familiar glazed, whacked out look to them after you've been on a bender. Remember when Anita gave you that shit she made in her bathtub...?"


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