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I stole this writing meem from liriel1810

I'm keeping to my New Year's resolution to write something once a day here.

So here I am!

Before I go into this writing meme I stole from liriel1810, I would like to say for a bunch of people who want me to write more in the cannibal verse, you have a funny way of showing it. LOL! I wrote a nice snippet that includes a spoofing of the infamous 'Tom Jones' eating scene and I've only received 5 comments!

I'm not mad, I'm just curious. Do you not want me to throw in new characters every once in a while? It's not part of the main story, just something to have fun with. Anywho, if you did read it, just let me know. It's the only way I know if anyone is actually reading my stuff.

I'd like to say that rosy500 made dinner for her family tonight using my antipasta and garlic bread recipe. Apparently dinner was a huge success and that makes me all kinds of happy because it was nice to know I was the cause of that.

On to the meme. If you like this meme, you can go ahead and either repost this on your own lj or respond to me with answers of your own. :)

Do you ever write something and then think, 'Whoa! Where the hell did that come from?'?

Uh, have you read my stuff?!?! Of course I fucking do! All the freakin time. In fact, I'm pretty certain my hand every so often becomes possessed and I just start writing the most bizarre stuff whatsoever. I then wake up about an hour later lying in nothing but a pair of tassels, a thong stuffed with twenty dollar bills and cotton mouth.

How do you get yourself out of a block or slump in your writing – when you just can't write anything?

I pray to Satan. Then I have Waffle perform a voodoo ritual. Of course, voodoo sometimes requires a sacrifice and I haven't been able to find Mr. Blik lately and Waffle has this guilty look on his face.

Or, it could just be that he looks like a phallus symbol and hasn't been getting any.

What is your favorite type of story?

Seriously, angst and horror. I write comedy well and dark humor even better, but I do love good horror.

What genre do you wish that you could write, but have never really attempted?

Romance. It's so hard for me to be serious writing that. I may start off that way and then it just ends up descending into humor and then downright crack. I think I almost achieved serious romance with Through a Mirror Darkly but I had to throw in the dark humor, the alternate universes, monsters and Joe.

Do you ever read over your own work months or years later and either pick it to pieces or are impressed at some of the concepts and the phrases you used?

Pfft! Hell yeah. Every now and then I'll read something from way back - or last week - and think, OMG, what pain meds was I on? Especially since I couldn't remember even getting any.

Then there are times when I read something over and think, 'wow, I was really clever there.' I must remember what I was doing then and do it more often.

And then there is of course, no matter what I read over, I always think, 'I seriously need a beta because my grammar and sentence structure suck.'

Do you have to concentrate not to use your own personal sayings/expressions in your stories? Or do they creep in, in spite of your best efforts?

Yep. I have to be really careful about not letting anything slip into my dialog that might clue people in to me and my multiple personality dis...

Um ignore that.

Yes, I'm always having to be careful that I'm not too irreverent or sardonic with my dialog.

In case you were wondering, I was actually being quite serious there. :)

Can you write out of sequence, or do you need the story to flow chronologically?

Actually yes, I can. And I have. However, when writing Through a Mirror Darkly, I had to write that chronologically because the story was hard enough to keep straight what with the two Brians, the two different worlds and the two different situations.

I have the ending of the cannibal fic already written right now as a matter of fact.

Do you ever feel the urge to rewrite a story you've read, exploring the 'missed opportunities' in the original version?

Yes, but then I don't want to because what would be the point? Most people wouldn't read it again anyway.

But there are times I've sat around and thought, 'oh shit! I forgot to put that in there!' but if I changed something everyone loved, would they want to visit it again? Seriously?

So there you go!!!
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