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Queer as Folk Standalone Ficlet

Bad news: So, my dryer gave up the ghost on Thursday night and I've been at the laundromat practically every night since (5 kids, a sister-in-law, my hubby and me - do you know how many clothes and towels that generates in a single week?).

Good news: We bought a dryer the same night...

Bad news: but hubby decided to completely gut the utility room so it matches the kitchen.

Good news: It, well, it'll match the kitchen.

Even Better news: I have loads (no pun intended) of time to write fiction at the laundromat. Best 2 hours of writing time in my day.

This standalone is a slight departure from how I write. It's actually *gasp* serious.

Title: At Night, When the Real Monsters Come Out
Pairing: B/J
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Timeline: Late Season 1
Summary: There's a few reasons why Vic likes the wee hours of the morning. His POV.
Disclaimers: I don't own Cowlip or the boys. I do own a new front loading dryer though!

NOTE: I once read a story on by Tinkabelle entitled Night Intrusions. In the story, she has Brian visiting Justin in the early morning at Debbie's house (coming through his window). I always thought that that would be something Brian would have done at least once. This story takes the idea that he did and that the walls are pretty thin.

Vic liked this time of the night. It's when the real monsters come out.

That, at least, is what his grandfather told him when he was a child. Monsters that made the Universal monsters tame in comparison. Forget the Wolfman, the Mummy and Dracula. Real monsters were hideous, his grandfather would say. Vic would sometimes stay up in his bed until 2:00 in the morning, hiding under the covers with a flashlight, trembling with anticipation until they would come only to fall asleep before he could catch just a glimpse. Creatures possibly as fantastical as the demons in the Cthulhu Mythos that he had been reading about in books given to him by his best friend. Vic would devour page after page until his father would find the books and throw them away saying he shouldn't be filling his head with such nonsense.

Of course, it was years later when he found out what his Grandfather had actually meant. In his translation, which was spotty at best, he didn't mean monsters but demons, real demons. And it wasn't demons as in creatures, but as in all the hidden fears and anxieties kept under lock and key during the day within a person, only to be let out late at night when they thought no one else was looking.

In was even more years later that Vic realized that these same demons that came out at night were far more terrifying than anything HP Lovecraft could ever conjure up. These were real fears and trepidations.

This was the time Vic could reflect on everything without interruption or distractions. He could mull over things like a nephew who was in love with a man who he could never have. That someday, Michael would have to grow up, and that the good Doctor, as much as Vic admired him, was not what Michael needed. Or he could reflect on the fact that his sister was working herself into an early grave despite his best intentions and something had to be done about it but he was powerless to stop her. Or he could just reflect on his worst inner demon - the one that was very tangible. The one that might take him away from his loved ones without so much as a thought for what he would be leaving behind.

Most people didn't like this time of night because that was when their worst fears would surface laying them completely vulnerable - exposed for all to see. All walls temporarily down.

Vic liked this time of night because he never felt as alive as he did when he laid bare without his shields. It was his proof that he was still here.

There was another reason he liked this time of night. It had been happening more and more as of recently. He could hear the sound of the jeep outside and any minute he would hear the unmistakable sound of the...

tap, tap, tap

"Justin! Justin!"


Vic always had to laugh at this part. After all this time, who else would be knocking at his window?

"Open the window. It's fucking freezing out here."

The opening of the sash could be heard.

"Brian what are you doing here? It's...3:15."

This was another thing Vic privately laughed at - Justin always asking Brian what he was doing here at this time of night, and the inevitable answer always being because Brian was bored or because the blowjobs weren't up to par at Babylon or...

"I was bored. This guy was giving me a blowjob in the backroom and I think I fell asleep."

...or both.

"You want me to take care of that for you? I promise you won't fall asleep." Vic could almost see the way Justin was teasing Brian.

He could almost make out Brian's lip-bite as an answer.

"What do you think?"

Vic imagined Brian was pulling Justin to him right now, there would be kissing and then Justin would go down on him.

About ten minutes later, not that Vic was counting, he could hear the groans and Brian's tempo increasing and then the finale.

The sound of bed linen rustling - Brian must be arranging himself on the bed, laying Justin across his chest. He'd noticed them do this on the couch quite a few times when they thought no one was looking.

This was the part Vic liked waiting for. Not the sounds of sexual ecstasy being achieved, although that was a nice side benefit, but this, after that.

"How's school?"


"1500 on your SATs? I know you must have done phenomenal on the verbal. And all you can say is 'okay?'"

"It's alright."

"Ah, we've moved to 'alright.' We might get into 'fine' if we keep going."

Vic didn't hear any reply from the normally verbose teenager.

"Justin? Really, how's it going? Is it that kid? Is he still bothering you?"

"You mean Chris?"


"He pushed me up against the wall the other day. Really, Brian it's okay. Nothing happened."

Vic could almost see the worried expression on Brian's face.

"Shit! I knew the night you outed that fuck...fuck!"

"Brian, seriously, it'll be okay. He can't do anything to me. Really."

Vic wasn't so sure about that.

"God - I should have stopped you when you were outing Chris. I shouldn't have stood there. I knew he would make trouble for you. You told everyone, including his friends, that you gave him a hand-job. He's probably..."

"Brian. Sssh. It's okay."

"Stop saying that. You don't know that. Guys like him are unpredictable. I should have done something."

"You're always saying 'fuck em - who cares what they think - we are who we are.' I just did what I thought you would do."

"Yeah, I know....I wish I never told you all that crap."

Vic could hear Brian's footsteps. Brian was no doubt rubbing the back of his head while pacing the room.

"You shouldn't always listen to everything I say."

"Brian? Are you, Mr. 'No Regrets' actually regretting this? I can't believe it!"

Vic could probably bet the house the kid was standing there with his arms across his chest.

"I do regret some things, Justin. We all do."

Vic figured Brian would conveniently forget he ever had this conversation with Justin tomorrow. Justin would pretend it never happened so Brian could save face.

"I better go."

Vic could hear a few kisses being exchanged, the sash being thrown open and Brian climbing out of the window.

"Justin, be careful, okay?"

"Okay, Brian."

Vic liked this time of night. It's when the real Brian Kinney comes out.


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