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Queer as Folk Standalone Ficlet

Bad news: So, my dryer gave up the ghost on Thursday night and I've been at the laundromat practically every night since (5 kids, a sister-in-law, my hubby and me - do you know how many clothes and towels that generates in a single week?).

Good news: We bought a dryer the same night...

Bad news: but hubby decided to completely gut the utility room so it matches the kitchen.

Good news: It, well, it'll match the kitchen.

Even Better news: I have loads (no pun intended) of time to write fiction at the laundromat. Best 2 hours of writing time in my day.

This standalone is a slight departure from how I write. It's actually *gasp* serious.

Title: At Night, When the Real Monsters Come Out
Pairing: B/J
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Timeline: Late Season 1
Summary: There's a few reasons why Vic likes the wee hours of the morning. His POV.
Disclaimers: I don't own Cowlip or the boys. I do own a new front loading dryer though!

NOTE: I once read a story on by Tinkabelle entitled Night Intrusions. In the story, she has Brian visiting Justin in the early morning at Debbie's house (coming through his window). I always thought that that would be something Brian would have done at least once. This story takes the idea that he did and that the walls are pretty thin.

Finally! The story - I thought she would never shut upCollapse )

Feedback is Welcome
Tags: standalone bj

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