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Orlibean standalone "A game of One-upmanship"

Okay, this might be it but I'm not sure.

So here is a sequel to What to do when you're doing hard time. Yes, and unlike the others, this is actually a sequel.

And yes, I will get to fb from the last story, I've just been a bit busy. :)

Title: A Game of one-upmanship
Pairing: Orlibean
Rating: NC-17 for mansex
Warnings: They are 2 serial killers, remember? Anything goes.
Summary: Sean and Orlando play a game of one-upmanship as they each talk about parts of their past.

Disclaimer: I don't own the boys and I'm sure they're not like this in real life.

Well, at least I certainly hope not.

"I remember this one woman...she had one of those annoying, tiny, yapping lap dogs." Orlando stopped for a moment to catch his breath before continuing, "I strangled her with her Precious' own leash. Dog didn't seem to care much."

"I strangled a man once," Sean began as he held the younger man close to his chest, "with his own small intestine."

Orlando stopped riding Sean while asking out of genuine curiosity, "Can you actually do that?"

"Well I did, didn't I now?" Sean replied in his defense.

Orlando continued to ride the older man, "I once stabbed a woman with her own nail file. I hated that thing. From the moment the date started, she took the thing out and kept filing her fucking nails. Reminded me of nails on a bloody chalkboard. And it was bloody rude too!"

"I used a file on a bloke once," Sean said as his breath started to shorten. "Used it on his ruddy nose."

"His nose?" Orlando giggled. "Why would you do that? I could understand on his head, maybe his exposed brain. But his nose?"

"Ever heard the expression 'cut off his nose to spite his own face?'" Sean asked, an evil smirk on his face.

"Oh, clever," Orlando smiled as he wrapped hs arms around Sean, moaning as he wiggled down again on his lover's cock.

"Right there lad. You got it," Sean sighed.

"I once cut into a woman's chest..."

"I know Orli, you ate the hearts. Of course you had to cut into their blasted chest," Sean chuckled.

"You didn't let me finish you burke!"

"Sorry, continue," Sean apologized as he kissed along Orlando's jawline.

"I once cut into a woman's chest...and her eyes popped open!" Orlando whispered as he began to near completion.

"Bodies do that, even after death," Sean breathed out, his own climax coming fast upon him.

"Yes, but then she screamed," Orlando gasped out.

"Oh, she weren't dead then," Sean said, trying desperately to get the words out. "Did you kill her then?"

"I cut her open quickly," Orlando spoke, his voice rising with the approach of his climax, "just so I could see her still beating heart!" Orlando came quickly and violently, his essence spraying his lover's chest while his inner walls gripped Sean tightly.

"You win," Sean panted as his own orgasm hit him and came inside his young lover.

And as their bodies convulsed with the aftershocks of their intense lovemaking, they devoured each other's mouths.

"That was the only time I ever saw a still beating heart," Orlando pouted sadly, his large, expressive eyes boring a hole into Sean.

"Aw, lad you forgot, there's mine too."

For Sean knew, without a doubt. Orlando had taken his heart quite a while back, and it beats faster now than it ever had in his disconsolate past.


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