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"Don't Make Mommy Mad" orginal fic

I guess I'm in one of those short horror story kind of moods.

This is one original fic I won't lock.

Hope you like.

Title: Don't Make Mommy Mad
Summary: Lucas and his babysitter get some unexpected guests while mom's at the local PTA meeting.

My name is Lucas and I'm 5 years old.

Mommy had to get a sitter tonight cuz she had to go to a meeting at the school and daddy's away on a business trip.

I like my sitter.

Her name's Brittney.

But they're all named Brittney. This is the fourth one.

'Bout an hour after mommy left was when we got the knock on the door. I know it was an hour cuz I started watching my favorite show in the whole world, Spongebob, when she left and it only lasted an hour.

Brittney asked who it was but she's kinda dumb cuz she didn't wait for them to answer before she opened the door.

That was when the men pushed the door open even wider and hit Brittney in the nose with it and then pushed her down.

I walked backward really slowly, cuz that's what they always do in the movies, and leaned against the wall.

Brittney started yelling and crying and one of the mean men started yelling back to shut up and then he said the 'B' word.

But I'm not allowed to say the 'B' word so I won't repeat what he said.

He then grabbed her by the hair and started to haul her around.

She stopped yelling when he slapped her a few times.

Didn't stop her from crying though.

"Nice place like this...where's the good stuff?" the mean man asked Brittney.

She didn't answer. She just kept crying.

The other man, the one who hadn't said anything, started to slap her too. He told her to answer the man or they would do more than slap her next time.

She kept crying and saying 'don't hurt me.'

Well, that was dumb. They already were doing that.

Then one man nodded to the other man and they both took out their guns.

When I got a good look at them, I was kinda sad. I mean, they look much bigger on the T.V.

Then they started waving them around and Brittney kept crying and saying, 'please,' over and over again.

I dunno why she kept saying that. I always say please when I want something.

The way she kept crying it didn't look like there was anything that she wanted from them though.

Then the mean one (well, okay, they were both pretty mean by this point) waved the gun at me and said, 'you know where the good stuff is kid?'

Well, why didn't he just ask that in the first place?

"The Oreos are in a jar at the back of the pantry but mommy don't know that I know," I said.

Both men start laughing and the one that was holding Brittney by the hair let go long enough to hold her around her chest. The other one came over to me and squatted down so he could look me in the eyes.

"That's not what I mean kid." He had this nasty smile.

I didn't like it.

I may only be 5, but I know when things don't look so good. And I didn't really like the way that one man was holding Brittney. Especially when his hand started to go up her short skirt.

"My mommy is gonna be home soon and she's gonna be real mad when she sees you."

"Is that right little man?" the one looking right at me says and he laughs again.

His friend starts laughing again too only now he's smelling Brittney's hair and his hand is way up her skirt. The other hand starts touching where her right boob is.

Brittney's stopped crying now and just looking away.

She looks like she's not really there anymore.

"Now kid, I'm gonna count to 10 and..."

"Why?" I had to ask. I mean, why 10? I can count to 100 now.

Then he puts the gun in my face and grabs my arm and brings me in real close to his face.

I can smell his breath.

Tuna fish.

I hate tuna fish.

"My mommy really is gonna be home soon and she's gonna be real mad and you don't wanna make my mommy mad."

"That's it!" and that was when the man got really mad and picked me up and started to drag me to the stairs. "You're taking me to mommy and daddy's room and showing me where mommy stashes her..."

And that was when the front door opened.

Mommy was home.

I told them she would be back.

"Sorry the meeting ran over. I swear, I don't know why I go to those things..." but mommy stopped talking when she looked around the room.

She looked at Brittney and got this look on her face but when she turned to me, the look became something different.

Mommy was mad.

And I told them not to make mommy mad.

"What the fuck!"

The man that was holding me dropped me on the ground and started to walk over to mommy just like Owen Pierce walked when he was on the playground at school.

One of the kids said he walked like he owned the place.

And that's just what this guy looked like.

"This your mommy kid?" the man asked me, a big old smile on his ugly face. "She don't look so tough." He started to wave the gun around again.

But that smile dropped off his face when he turned back to mommy.

And that other guy that was holding and touching Brittney? Well his hands dropped to his sides and I thought he was gonna piss right where he stood.

Brittney just backed away and slid against the wall, hiding herself into the corner as best she could.

Which was pretty smart cuz mommy was changing.

She was changing into her, what she called, real face.

Of course, I don't know why she calls it her real face when it's her whole body too that changes.

Mommy always made fun of werewolves and vampires in movies cuz she said there were much worse things. There was always much worse things.

And mommy would know.

Cuz she was one of them.

I watched as the one who had grabbed me tried to run for the door but mommy grabbed him with one clawed hand and sliced through his neck quickly. His body kept jerking around and the blood was coming pretty fast out of his neck.

There was an awful lot of blood.

And screaming.

I thought Brittney was pretty loud at screaming (well she wasn't right now cuz she kept looking at floor while rocking back and forth) but these guys made her seem down right quiet.

Then the other one, the one who had been playing with Brittney, was making for one of the windows but mommy got a hold of him.

His head rolled all the way into the kitchen.

Mommy'll get it later. She's great at cleaning up.

Speaking of mommy, I saw her as she grabbed one of the blankets off the couch and was covered herself with it now that she was back to her other face.

The one she wore most of the time.

Mommy grabbed a hold of me and hugged me to her. "You okay baby?"

I hugged her back.

"I'm okay. I wasn't scared at all." I gave her my best smile.

That's when she hugged me again.

And I wasn't either.

Scared, that is.

Cuz I know my mommy will always take care of me.

My name is Lucas and I'm 5 years old.

I love my mommy very much and she loves me.

But you better not piss her off.

The End

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