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20 February 2010 @ 05:47 pm
SPN and a pic of Dorothy and Peter...  
Okay, so I finally gave in and have started to watch Supernatural.

I don't know...

I mean the guys are cute and I do like me some X-Files type TV, but the writing hasn't grabbed me yet. The brothers are good together and this so far is my favorite bit:

Sam: "When I told Dad I was scared of the thing in my closet, he gave me a .45."
Dean: "What was he supposed to do?"
Sam: "I was nine years old. He was supposed to say, "Don't be afraid of the dark!"

Well, I'm only 4 episodes in so I'll see how it goes but I've heard from some other sources that Lost might have been a better route to go...

And look!


I found the Life photo of Dorothy Stratten and Peter Bogdanovich (about a month before her murder).

I love this pic of her. I remember seeing it oh so long ago and just came across it.

She really was beautiful but sadly, had lousy taste in men. To put it mildly.

Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
solarbaby614: Bernardsolarbaby614 on February 21st, 2010 02:01 am (UTC)
I'll have to say right now that you should definately keep watching Supernatural. I've been watching it since season one and I absolutely adore it. It gets better and better. XD
Maria: SPN Dean slave_o_spike on February 26th, 2010 01:42 am (UTC)
I'm almost done with S1 and it did get better. :) The eye candy doesn't hurt either. *winks*
furriboots: Supernatural - Dean & Castielfurriboots on February 21st, 2010 02:04 am (UTC)
Stick with it. It didn't grab me until about 1/2 way through season 1. Season 2 is great and now both me and my husband never miss it. I must admit that Sam (Jared Padalecki) doesn't do much for me. I find his acting wooden and stilted but Jensen Ackles who plays Dean is fabulous both with comedy and angst.
Maria: SPN Dean slave_o_spike on February 26th, 2010 01:45 am (UTC)
Sam has one look on his face. Dean's face practically radiates hurt and confusion.

(And a bit of mischievousness...)
Lisabrianswalk on February 21st, 2010 02:36 am (UTC)
Stick with it, it gets better. But my advice is to stop at the end of season 3. It turns to crap- a totally different show.
Maria: Justin smilingslave_o_spike on February 26th, 2010 01:46 am (UTC)
Stop at the end of S3, huh?

Now what other show was it that would have been much better had it stopped at the end of S3...

I remember a big political win and a song by the Pet Shop Boys...
my2cats: spn d/s bad ass motherfuckersmy2cats on February 21st, 2010 02:52 am (UTC)
Stick with it!You will not regret it.
Maria: SPN Dean slave_o_spike on February 26th, 2010 01:47 am (UTC)
I have and I'm not! :)
Wicked Bitch Of The West: Dean omgwtfcatvlredreign on February 21st, 2010 02:53 am (UTC)
Keep watching. The first 4 eppies didn't grab me either, and it was about 2 months before I went back to it, which was last weekend.

I just finished S2, and am dancing like I have to pee waiting for S3 and S4 to get here. It gets better, much better. I think you'll really like it.

And you know, for a tv show, which usually has bad FX, this show has some really good ones. I was very surprised.
Maria: SPN Dean slave_o_spike on February 26th, 2010 01:48 am (UTC)
I'm almost done with S1 and oh yeah...I have the dean and sam love...or maybe just the dean love...not sure.

But yeah, it did get a whole lot more interesting and the father! That helped loads! :)
Jackiejackieville on February 21st, 2010 03:18 am (UTC)
I tried it but couldn't get into it. Honestly it just freaked me out! *shudders* But we know how wimpy I am! *giggles*

*squishes and loves*
Maria: SPN Dean slave_o_spike on February 26th, 2010 01:49 am (UTC)
no you're not! You read MY stories! You've got a very brave heart. :)

And a cast iron stomach...oh wait. You don't read the cannibal!fic...
passing_through: sam and dean golden brownpassing_through on February 21st, 2010 03:47 am (UTC)
Definitely stick with it! It gets better.
Maria: SPN Dean slave_o_spike on February 26th, 2010 01:51 am (UTC)
I did! I'm almost done with S1. :)
Zinneh is Jesus: Brotherszinnydark on February 21st, 2010 04:04 am (UTC)
I'm just repeating what everyone else said about sticking with it. I just perused the episode list and guarantee you that by episode 9 (at the latest) you will be hooked, and then you'll get to endure the same gut-wrenching all of us have had to go through. Because... BOYS! D:
Maria: SPN Dean slave_o_spike on February 26th, 2010 01:57 am (UTC)
I am in love with Dean.

I thought it would be Sam but Dean is the one. *sighs*

And yes, it did get very interesting and it didn't hurt that the father shows up eventually. I'm almost done with S1. :)
Zinneh is Jesuszinnydark on February 26th, 2010 02:15 am (UTC)
I AM A TOTAL DEAN GIRL IN A SEA OF SAM GIRLS. It's because of Dark Angel, no point in lying, but... DEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN. He just wants his daddy to love him. T.T
a_life_defianta_life_defiant on February 21st, 2010 04:38 am (UTC)
Stick with it, trust me it just gets better :D *sigh* that was a beautiful picture. && yes 'tis putting it mildly.
Maria: SPN Dean slave_o_spike on February 26th, 2010 04:31 am (UTC)
I'm almost done with S1 and can't wait to get S2. :)

Putting it mildly. Yeah...
paulabmpaulabm on February 21st, 2010 04:55 am (UTC)
;) Yes I agree here. In my opinion those 2 are just so funny!!!!
Maria: SPN Dean slave_o_spike on February 26th, 2010 04:32 am (UTC)
Yes, but Sam is a bit stiff. Still, it is a fun show to watch. :)

(And I think I've become a Dean girl...)
Amy: LCamygirl on February 21st, 2010 05:28 am (UTC)
You made it two more episodes then I ever could. I thought the writing was dull and the acting rather horrible and it wasn't anything special. *ducks the rotten tomatoes* I keep meaning to go back to it but the wankiness/craziness of the fandom really hasn't helped me want to give it an effort. I'd rather just go rewatch X-Files or Buffy...

What a gorgeous picture, though I don't know who the actress is, I love those old-school black and white pictures especially candids. *comes back after googling* Well I suppose it's not that old-school but still gorgeous.

Edited at 2010-02-21 05:31 am (UTC)
Maria: SPN Dean slave_o_spike on February 26th, 2010 04:37 am (UTC)
See? I decided to stop looking at it like House and Dexter (and even Six Feet Under) and just went with it. The beginning is dull and the boys are wooden but they do get better and the plots can be fun.

How could the show improve? Better writers (there are so many scenes where I would love to write the dialogue). The actors need some more coaching but they have the look.

I've heard the wank in the fandom is a bit much. :(

Dorothy Stratton was the Playmate of the Year in 1980. She was only 21 I believe at the time. She was about to leave her abusive husband/svengali/pimp for Bogdanovich when her slimebal hubby shot her in the head and then turned it on himself. It was quite the story at the time in Hollywood (where I'm originally from) but not as big as the Sharon Tate/Manson fiasco.
Gigi: Gerry - 300 Mehgiselleslash on February 21st, 2010 06:02 am (UTC)
Well, I'm going against what appears to be popular opinion here to say, it doesn't really get any better. I watched the first two seasons and they were okay but when I've come from a world with The X-Files (for the serious creep/scifi/ghosties) and Buffy (for the cracktastic side of the supernatural) it fell horribly flat. Once the third season rolled around I gave up after the second or third ep. it just was not doin' for me.

But eh, to each their own. I'd say give it a few more eps just to see one way or the other. There were some moments that I really enjoyed - the funny was quite good, but over all? Not so much.
Maria: SPN Dean slave_o_spike on February 26th, 2010 04:46 am (UTC)
I needed something light to watch. I just don't want to rewatch Buffy again. And yes, nothing can beat the X-Files. Hubby said that Fringe is probably what I want to watch for the X-Files type of show but SPN has grown on just a wee bit. I just wish they fleshed out the episodes a little bit better (maybe 2 shows devoted to one plot like Enterprise did in its last season).

I wish I could be the writer of the show. It needs some better dialogue. I always think they'll make a certain joke here or there and then they don't - and I don't mean a cliche joke - in fact, they do tend to go toward the cliche. :(

BTW, did you catch Law Abiding Citizen? Despite the inplausability of the plot and everything, it was a fun movie I thought and oh yeah...

Gerard NAKED!
Gigi: Gerry - Hoodiegiselleslash on February 27th, 2010 07:06 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you're liking it now. It was a total let down for me but like I said before, that's just my thoughts on it and I know it's a much loved series. I'm also operating under the disability of having watched Days of Our Lives back in the day when Jensen was on it and he was such a total loser in it so I just can't look at him without laughing and forget completely about thinking he's hot. All I see is dumbass Eric Brady. LOL.

I diiiiiid. Nekkid Gerard makes Gigi happy in her happy bits ;) And yeah, despite the idiocy of the plot Gerry makes up for it. Hell, I watched Gamer for him. There's nothing I wouldn't do it seems...*g*

Edited at 2010-02-27 07:07 pm (UTC)
kika-k: Absorbed in thoughtkika_k on February 21st, 2010 11:35 am (UTC)
I stick with Lost.
The series is still the third season in Italy...I think...
Maria: blinking owlslave_o_spike on February 26th, 2010 04:46 am (UTC)
I want to stay away from Lost because that show looks TRULY addictive! And I just can't cope with that right now. LOL!