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Did I ever tell you the story of the bear?

Okay, I know I hadn't since I had not updated my journal since July. So before I begin to relay the story, here's a pic of Piper:


Why? Because I want to.

So, here I was, 9 months pregnant (just turned 9 months) and I had just spent the past 24 hours passing gall stones.

Now, don't know if you've ever had gall stones, but if you have, they're pretty fucking painful. It feels as if someone is sitting on your chest, while someone, I don't know how because someone is sitting on your chest, but anyway, someone else is continually stabbing you in the back, somewhere around your kidneys.

It's a real bitch.

Now if you're in this kind of pain, you can take about 6 Motrin and then crash into bed and sleep the whole thing off. Even if you don't crash, you still won't feel the pain - not after 6 Motrin, let me tell you.

But i couldn't do that because, hello! Pregnant!

So yeah. Pain for a few days.

And on top of all that, Piper was an active baby. She did flips and kicks and those arms and legs never stopped moving for like, 5 months. :P

I was pretty wiped one night in October as I was just starting to feel better because the gall stones had finally passed. But I still wasn't 100% and tired and not right.

I think you get the picture.

So Joe goes to close the shop and it's just me, Megan, Griffon, Rowan and Donovan.

Okay, it's never just me. LOL!

So Megan and I were talking to each other in the living room and the kids were watching something on tv and we hear something.

Kinda like a bellow of some sort.

I look around and ask Megan if she heard that and she said yeah. I'm just about to call Griffon from his room when he comes out, looks out the dining room window and informs us all that there's a bear in the backyard.

A bear!

In our backyard!

And what's worse, is that she's turned our garbage can over and there's trash lying around.

I should have known something was up when we started to smell something foul.

So here I am, in my last month of pregnancy, getting over gallstone passing and there's a bear in the backyard.

I'll get to how I knew it was a she in a minute.

So I start to go to my room to get the shotgun, just in case, even thugh I'm feeling anything but ready to handle this and Griffon beats me to it.

I turn around and there he is standing there, looking like Reese from Terminator, sans the trench coat, ready for bear.


Joe picks that moment to call and I tell him the trash is all over the backyard and do you know why the trash is all over the backyard?

Because of the bear.

So he tells us all to stay inside (like we're going to run out there and wave our hands around calling attention to ourselves) until he gets home.

But Griffon is still standing guard with the shotgun until dad gets home.

That was when we noticed the other garbage can move and then we see a small head poke out.

You got it.

It's Boo Boo.

Yep, you got Mama Bear and Baby Bear.

And it's the cutest thing, except for the fact that there's now2 two bears in our backyard.

And they seem to be hungry. :(

We hear Joe's car drive up the and he's honking the horn. Then he comes in the house saying he honked the horn so he could scare teh bear off. We look out the window and the bears are still there.

Apparently Mama and Boo Boo have a pair on them.

So Joe takes Griffon outside with him (after Joe gets his shotgun) and Joe stares down Mama Bear and she's just about to head away when another bear comes out of nowhere!

Oh yes, Mama Bear's been busy. I'm thinking, is this the bear equivalent of Octomom? Are there 6 more in the bushes?

But the best is yet to come because lo and behold! Mama charges after Joe!

Joe has to fire but he purposely misses her as you know, he doesn't want to kill the bear, just scare it.

It does and she runs, along with the two little scamps.

But it was certainly a scary moment when Griffon relayed the sheer terror of being charged by a big bear.

And I don't think I ever remembered seeing Griffon's pupils that dilated. LOL!

Well, just thought I'd relay that little tidbit onto you.

And yeah, we had a few more bears in our backyard after that. I'm not sure if it was the same one (probably not - they don't like being shot at apparently according to the game warden).

But I will tell you. I was so not ready for that on that particular night. I was quite pleased that my 13 year old son was willing to step up to the plate.

Makes me all kinds of happy. :):)

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