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Griffon, Robin Williams and John Candy

So Griffon turned 18 over the weekend.

He sort of did a Justin, Season 1, which is funny since I don't even think he would have remembered that.

Griffon:  Now I can do porn, get married, vote, smoke and join the military.
Me:  Well, I guess I know what you're doing this weekend.  ;P

So I was watching that movie, Night at the Museum 3, with Robin Williams and there's the scene at the end, where he tells Ben Stiller OKAY MAJOR MOVIE SPOILER HERE IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET good-bye for the final time because they decide the tablet should stay in the British Museum for now on, so this would be the last night for everyone to come alive.

And damn if I didn't tear up!  Not because this is the end of the franchise and Ben Stiller made it particularly teary-eyed for me, but because it was almost as if Robin Williams himself was saying good-bye for the last time and it finally hit me.

It was so final.

Remember when John Candy died?  I loved that man in so, so many of his films.  That scene of him waving good-bye at the end of Uncle Buck, no matter how many times I've seen the damn movie, always chokes me up.
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