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Griffon's Prom!!!!!

First off, I would have used a Brian/Justin prom icon, but I apparently don't have one, so I used the one where they're dancing instead.

So remember this little guy here?  When he first learned about riding bikes, jumping over obstacles and wiping out?

Well, the bikes have gotten faster and he's all grown up now:

So here he was when he first discovered the thrill of bikes and he was a wee tad of 10:

And here he was Saturday night:

Griffon and his date, Emily.  I really don't know what they were waving their arms about here for, but I love this picture for some reason more than the posed one:

Griffon and his friends, a group of 16 people, decided to get together and go to the prom in two vehicles.  They went to dinner before hand but before all that, when still back home in the Snoqualmie Valley, they let us pathetic parents take advantage of a wonderful photo opportunity, hence all the pictures.

I've only selected a few though.  LOL!

Another with the hand waving.  ;P

This one is just so cute, with her fixing his...whatever, as her best friend next to her does the same to her guy.  :D

And of course, here they all are, SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE:

They decided to do a reverse group photo, instead of the girls being held by the guys.  Their knees were hurting by the end.

(And I apologize to anyone on facebook who might have seen these pictures already but your son only attends prom once).

As I said before, somewhere, it wasn't the minute he donned the tux that I got all emotional, about the fact that he would be graduating high school any day now, that his primary education was now at an end.

It was when I got the email from his school, about filling in the paperwork for a refund for any money left over on his lunch account (or did I want to transfer it to another sibling) that it sunk in.

And I cried.
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