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An OMG and Stupid Question #586

First off, we hired a new kid on Friday by the name of Robin. Can't miss the kid - he has this huge head of bright, red hair (well, his hair is huge, not his head).

So the kid is the spitting image of Ron Weasley and my 14 year old daughter has been talking to him a mile a minute ever since she met him.

He got the nickname of Robin Weasley at the shop and my other daughter let it slip today. He said he was actually offended. My daughter asked why because she thought Ron was kind of cool. He said it was because (this is good) his mother writes Ron/Harry slash.

WTF?! Out of all the kids I hire in this podunck town, I hire a kid who's mother writes slash?

Curiouser and curiouser....

Before I forget Stupid Question: Are bangers a British term for sausage or are they a type of sausage?

ETA: Thanks to fiercediva for answering the bangers question.
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