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QaF Fic Update - Something Seriously Amiss Part 2b

Here's the next part of my body swap fic. This is a long one!

Title: Something Seriously Amiss
Part 2b of 3
Pairing: Brian/Justin (technically speaking BrianJustin/JustinBrian)
Rating: R?
Timeline: Early S5
Summary: This is your typical body swap plot line. A witch decides to show the boys what it would be like to walk in the other's shoes. Chaos and hilarity ensue.

Disclaimers: I don't own Cowlip, the boys, a burial plot (you'll see...)

This is for _alicesprings who requested a body swap story at qaf_bunnies

There will be 3 parts. Part 2 was just too damn long so I split it into 2. This one is the second of Part 2.

Part 1

Part 2a

NOTE: For the purpose of this chapter, I will still refer to the boys only by their name because they are NOW either alone with each other, or apart and not with each other (it will get more confusing when they are in the same room with each other and are around other people). So I will still refer to Brian as the one who is Brian in Justin's body and I will still refer to Justin as the one who is Justin in Brian's body. So Brian (Brian in Justin's body) will be working at the diner and Justin (Justin in Brian's body) will working at Kinnetik. When it's another person's point of view, they will refer to the person that they SEE.

I don't know if you got that.

If so, explain it to me...

Part 2b

Wherein the boys wake up to spend a restful day at workCollapse )
Tags: body swap fic
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