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16 July 2006 @ 02:23 pm
A Poll about what I should write next  
So my body swap fic should be done in a few days and my crack!fic is constantly being updated, so I thought maybe I would do another short story spoof on something.

I've created a poll below for you to use. There's an other box for any suggestions you have.

Remember, nothing is sacred with me however if you ask me to drop Justin down that proverbial well that people sometimes request, I will. I'll do a spoof of "The Ring" where Justin is dropped down that well, literally, and then his super secret admirer, Ted, who has been lusting after him for, well, for a long time, makes a home movie and when anyone sees the movie, they experience erectile dysfunction within 3 days.

So just think about that.


What should I spoof next?

The Omen
Other (you must give me an idea)
I have your AP address Maria, and I've called a doctor at the local state mental hospital - they're on their way right now
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Maria: Listening to Satanic musicslave_o_spike on July 17th, 2006 09:38 pm (UTC)
No! I did not. One of my employees did however and she was telling me a line from the movie and I thought, 'Wow, they've taken the good lines from there and still turned it into a shitty movie.' At least from what I've heard around.

I love the orignal, with Gregory Peck (who I've always loved since To Kill a Mockingbird). The new one is just a cheap imitation. It's like Psycho - what was the point of remaking that? The originals are perfect.

I know about the whole thing with close-minded clergy. There were still quite a few of them in the church. The funny thing is though, that the most close-minded people were not the clergy themselves, but the parishners. There were hundreds of the 'Joan Kinneys' running around.

However, seeing everything in the news recently, I really have to wonder about what is going on in the churches. I know we never had any problems with that in the schools or my parish. Go figure.

I just rec'd a movie called Sanit Ralph about a boy who believes in miracles and the priest who decides to believe in him. It was really well done. My rec is a few posts back. It's on DVD - I think you might like it. It really reminds me of school when I was young.