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Picture Post of Kids

So I've finally started to play around with the pictures that we took over the summer with the new digital camera.

It's so cool!!

So in case anyone was wondering what my other kids look like since I like to talk about them and you've now seen my oldest a couple of times, or if you're just bored, here are some pictures of the kids:

I don't know how he planned on playing with those Spongebob slippers! That's my youngest btw.

I always wondered how he got into things.

There are people I know who think this is the face of the Anti-Christ.

Rowan doing her Rowan-type things.

Playing chess (the evil looking one is my 15 year old).

Donovan and Griffon before I got his hair cut.

...And Maria's boys after the hair cut!

Baby with fireworks! Not good...

And there you go!
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