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20 September 2006 @ 03:22 pm
You know you're too heavily into slash when...  
You know you're too heavily into slash when you go to your daughter's Kindergarten Curriculum Night and when the sweet Kindergarten teacher brings the two hand-puppets out - Impulsive Puppy and Slow-down Snail - that the first thing you want to say to the person sitting next to you is 'Oh you know Impulsive Puppy is so the top in that relationship!'

*rolls eyes*
Current Mood: dirtydirty
Maria: Mutant Enemy I need a hugslave_o_spike on September 21st, 2006 09:45 pm (UTC)
Re: private school
Exactly! God, you live so close to my sis-in-law in Silverton - she is the exact opposite! She made such a big deal about getting her daughter into Kindergarten even though she wouldn't turn 5 until November! She made this huge fuss and got her in because she said she had worked with her since she was 2 using flashcards (which she did).

Her daughter hates her at this point - she lies to her, she resents her - the list goes on and on.

Did she learn her lesson? Hell no, she did it with her two other boys then (not getting them in early but the whole flashcards thing and you know the drill). She keeps doing things to impress people and then she gets upset because she can't seem to impress me, no matter what she does.

Maybe someone should give her some money to go buy a clue...:P