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QaF Ficlet - The Patron Saint That Watches Over All School Boys' Uniforms

Hi! Remember me?

I am very sorry for disappearing for so long. I'll make a long story short by saying I really have not been feeling well and also I've had to work A LOT of extra hours at the shop! However, I miss this fandom, and I miss the boys (and I'm still thinking about them because I've have some great story ideas) so I thought I'd offer a peace offering of this stupid little ficlet.

And it's stupid but it's not crack and it's not betaed and I'm probably delirious (Motrin and nighttime Tylenol) but I think it's okay...

If it's not...go ahead and flame me.

Title: The Patron Saint That Watches Over All School Boys' Uniforms
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Rating: R?
Warnings: Spankings/unsafe sex
Summary: Justin plays Brian's favorite game and did you know they have a Patron Saint for just about everything?!

Disclaimer: I do not own Cowlip, the boys, etc. I also do not like green eggs and ham and I currently have a restraining order out on Sam-I-Am.

Justin bit his lower lip while scratching the back of his trousered leg with his shoe, standing in the same spot until Brian broke the silence.

"Now Mr Taylor, do you know what you did that was wrong?" Brian asked while standing in front of Justin.

"Hooked up with you," Justin responded while looking up into Brian's face defiantly.

"Justin, you're not playing the game," Brian started to admonish while wagging his finger.

Justin heaved another of his long suffering sighs, Brian watching transfixed as the insignia from the St James Academy patch attached to Justin's blazer bobbed up and down.

"Yes, Principal Kinney. I was very, very naughty," Justin said with a suggestive lift of his eyebrow. "But I promise to be real, real good from now on," he said with a another suggestive lift of his eyebrow. He then threw in a full pouty lip for good measure.

"And do you know what I do to naughty schoolboys Mr Taylor?" Brian asked while folding his arms across his chest.

Justin fingered the inside of his collar and then loosened his tie the merest fraction of an inch.

"We get spanked Bri-Principal Kinney."

"Ding ding ding ding. Yes Mr Taylor," Brian responded with a lustful leer.

Justin rolled his eyes.

"Drop your pants to the floor, turn around and brace yourself against the desk Mr Taylor."

"You know, since you're about to become intimately acquainted with my posterior, you can call me Justin..."

"Mr Taylor! I'll have to increase the number of spankings for your rudeness!"

Justin gave another one of his sighs, dropped his uniform pants, turned around and braced himself against Brian's desk, staring straight ahead at Brian's Apple monitor. Justin waited for the sting of the first slap and was not surprised when it came. It always hurt at first but once the stinging stopped, it gave way to a strange sensation of pleasure and it was at this time that he could feel the first stirrings of his erection against the desk.

"I don't hear you counting Mr Taylor," came Brian's voice behind him mockingly.

Justin was snapped back, remembering the game. "One," Justin ground out.

A second slap came and once again Justin felt the sting and the same sensation wash over him as he cried out, "two!" Justin then chuckled and said, "thank you sir - may I have another?"

"Mr Taylor, please!"

Justin sniggered but then stopped abruptly when the third slap hit. "Three," Justin whimpered out.

Another slap came and Justin moaned out before he called out, "four." His erection was rubbing unmercifully against the desk.

Before the next slap came, Justin could feel Brian's hand rubbing one throbbing ass cheek. Brian leaned over and whispered into Justin's ear, "are you okay?"

Justin nodded his head silently and Brian slapped again, Justin whimpering his response out, a very breathy, "five."

Brian was breathing heavily behind him, running his hands over the reddened flesh of Justin's behind, slowly moving his finger into the cleft.

"You're so red." Brian continued to whisper in hushed and breathy tones. Brian immediately reached over to the desk drawer and removed a tube of lubricant, prepared Justin's entrance and then entered, causing Justin to arch his back and moan loudly.

As Brian moved in and out of Justin, his cock thrusting against the desk, his gaze landed on Brian's monitor screen, watching as all the contents on Brian's desk started to move, shake and then fall every which way.

The sensations of Brian's cock filling him, the friction on his own hardened cock and his sore ass made it so Justin couldn't hold his orgasm back any longer and he came loudly, screaming Brian's name.

Brian continued to fuck Justin until his own orgasm came out, his satiated body falling heavily onto Justin's back. Brian pulled out gently, whispered non-sensical things into Justin's ear while kissing the nape of his neck and rubbing the back of his spine under the uniform shirt.

As the two men straightened up and put their clothes back on, Justin looked at the sleeves of his uniform jacket and the white shirt underneath, coming to a decision there and then that he needed to discuss with Brian.

"Brian?" Justin approached the older man, once again biting his lower lip, "um, I know I ask this every year, and the answer's always the same, but, can we...can we find a different game? I know you like the whole schoolboy and principal thing, but my uniform, I don't think it'll hold up anymore and..."

"Your uniform is fine. It still looks fine on you. What's the problem?" Brian asked, his brows wrinkled in confusion.

"Look every time, we go through this. I ask if I can get rid of the uniform and maybe find another game to satisfy your kink but your answer is always the same."

"No it's not."

"How can you stand there and say that?" Justin asked incredulously. "I ask you, 'Brian, can we get rid of the uniform?' and you say 'maybe next year.'"

"Really? Well, the uniform's fine."

"I've had it since I graduated from St James!"

"So, that wasn't that long ago."

"Brian, I'm 29. It's time!"

"Has it really been that long? Didn't seem like it...," Brian said while scratching the back of his head.

"Yes, Brian. I don't think I can salvage this blazer or these pants any longer. I've sent it to the dry cleaners, I've sent it to the tailors countless number of times, hell, I've even lit some candles and prayed to the Patron Saint that watches over all school boys' uniforms..."

"They have one for that?" Brian asked puzzled.

"I think they have a Saint for everything. Look, we'll find something different. Let's just put the uniform to rest, okay?"

Brian came up behind Justin and wrapped the smaller man from behind. "Just for a little while longer, maybe we'll get a new uniform, we only do it like once or twice a year and you just look so hot in it..."

"Oh My God!" Justin blurted out while turning and standing defiantly in front of Brian. "You know what? I think you have a Patron Saint that watches over all men with strange, kinky fetishes."

"I always knew I had someone looking out for me," Brian said while smirking.

"Well I knew it wasn't Bill O'Reilly," Justin said back with a smirk of his own.

Justin looked at Brian. He knew that the older man wouldn't give in so easily. Justin suddenly got a glimpse at his future-self - a fifty-something man still wearing the same St James uniform and still playing the same naughty schoolboy game - and shuddered.

Justin turned towards Brian once more, his resolve firmly in place.

"Brian, please? Can we bag the uniform? Please?" Justin was not above begging on this one.

Brian scratched the back of his head.

"Maybe next year..."

The End

Feedback is welcome.

So are flames - seriously.....
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