March 9th, 2005


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I would like to take today, in honor of fanfic appreciation yada yada..., to mention 3 of my favorite writers who go hand in hand with their writings - soulless_lover, jenshih_blue and pet_23.

These 3 writers have written fic both on their own and in collaboration with each other that is so wonderfully hot and enjoyable to read. The first fic I ever read out of the 3 was jenshih_blue 's In the Midnight of My Rose Garden. I first read it at the Crypt and I bugged her by email to find out when there would be more. I read quite alot of pet_23 stories at her website and was immediately hooked on her fic. Right now she is working in collaboration with jenshih_blue on Bayou Boys (BTW, where is the rest? Hmmm?).

I first read soulless_lover at sickchicks when she started posting Sweets. Once again I was hooked and was glad to hear she was working on a series called The Sire and his Boy with pet_23.

In all of these stories, whether our boys are acting goofy or angsty, at least you can be assured that the sex will be hot!