March 10th, 2005


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Okay - here's today's entry of who I would like to bring attention to for Fanfic Author Appreciation Week. That would have to be incasink. I was hooked on Inca's work from the moment I read Streetwalker on her website, Slasherphiles. She then wrote a wonderful series entitled Phoenix and is currently working on another series called Mainline. If you have not read this yet, I suggest you do.

Her characters, Spike and Angel in various personas, always ring true. They and the supporting characters are three dimensional and literally pop out of the page at you. The emotions that they experience (and the way they handle them) are every bit as real as the ones we experience in our own life. The ability for her to understand this and bring it forth onto the page suggests to me she is someone older than her 19 years, at least in soul.

Love you babe. Keep on writing!