August 17th, 2005


Tag - Your it!

Okay I was tagged by pet_23 so here it is:

3 Things that annoy me that other people find trivial:

1. Loud chewing. I know that's probably other people's button too but in this house I seem to be the only one that it bothers.
2. Bright lights in the living room. I love indirect lighting. Again, in this house I seem to be the only one with the button. I had my husband outfit the entire room (and dining room) with sconces.
3. Girls who can wear a size 4 or 6 comfortably who squeeze themselves into a size 0 or 2. Their fat hangs over the sides (and yes even a size 4 has enough fat that can be squished out the sides!)

3 Things that makes chocolate better:

1. Well everyone knows its the waterfall churning the chocolate that makes it better (*g*)
2. My little 2 year old sharing his chocolate bars with me (especially when I have to lick the chocolate off his fat little fingers).
3. hellsbells

3 Things I rather be doing than tag teaming on LJ?

1. James Marsters
2. Filming James, Dave and Adam in my gay male porn studio (complete with tacky music)
3. Bora Bora. Outrigger canoe. Oh yeah!

Okay now I'm tagging stolen_childe, spikesfool, spankspike, dis_mount and stakeaclaim. Tag - your it!!!
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