April 12th, 2006


Fic Update: AtS RPS JM/DB Chap 5 My Life as a Gopher

Hi everyone! If anyone's still following the story of Phil and his adventures, then here's the next chapter. (I got my muse back on this and remember now where I was going with it).

Title: My Life as a Gopher
Chapter: 5/?
Pairing: James/David
Fandom: Angel the Series
Warnings: THIS IS RPS - Do not read if you do not like real-person slash. There is nothing of offense in this chapter.
Disclaimers: I do not own Uncle Joss, Mister Boreanaz, Jimmy, J, my own personal housekeeper, a dog, a Mercedes.....so don't sue, you won't get much and it'll make Phil sad.

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