June 29th, 2006

Angst BJ Not Letting Go

QaF Cannibal Crack!Fic Update Chapter 9

Whew! What a fucking week (couple of weeks actually).

I hired some competent help and I even hired someone who used to work for me so I might just get some time to myself soon.

Yeah right!

Here's the next chapter if anyone hasn't lost interest yet!

Title: Ma, Can I keep him?
Chapter: 9/?
Pairing: B/J, implied E/J; also possibly, inter-species pairing (Hey, we're still not sure of Mikey's parentage)
Rating: R
Warnings: It is afterall a cannibal fic. Nothing squicky, just allusions to things that might make people uncomfortable. The word 'eviscerate' is used quite a bit.

Disclaimers: I don't own Cowlip, the boys, Barbra, Alex Trebek or a sane mind.

Summary: This is crack!fic. It is a cannibal crack!fic. It is tongue-in-cheek black humor. This is the warning within the summary. Debbie is the Sweeney Todd type living in some backwater town (not too far from Pittsburgh) with her mentally disturbed son, Mikey (yes, I stuck to canon) and adopted son, Brian. Justin and Ethan are passing through.

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Feedback is welcome. And I don't have anything against Alex Trebek. I think he's a veritable 'font' of information.