December 17th, 2006

Hudson Game Over Man

90 MPH Winds and Power Outage!

Hi all!

Well, let's see where to begin...?

Did anybody hear about those 90 mph winds that hit Washington State Thursday night?

And left approx 1 million people without power?

Yep, you got it - I'm one of them. Since Thursday night at 9:45 PM, we have been without power (luckily we have a gas heater so we have heat - which is good since it got down to 17 degrees F last night). They're still not sure when we'll get it back (I hope by Christmas).

Also, as a consequence, my shop has been without power since 6:00 PM Thursdya night. We were driving down one of two roads that lead out of town when we saw the 15 foot tree fall across the road and snap the wires. Joe was like, 'I hope no one was under there.' There wasn't.

So all of Snoqualmie Valley (where my shop and home are located) is out. All of the Issaquah Valley is out. Seattle is pretty lit up. We had to drive into Seattle to get gas for our generators.

So we've been open (the shop that is) as we have generators so we've been 3 times busier than what we usually are. The coffee stand also has a generator so they've been up and busy, but as far as the valley is concerned, we're it. I think Bigfoot himself came in to get food. I took his Amex card but he still complained that he couldn't get his own soda up front (we were limited as to what we could use) so when I told him to stop complaining, he was like, 'what are you gonna do, call the sheriff?' and I was like, 'no, college students with cameras writing their useless thesis with nothing better to do.'

That shut him up.

Anywho, we can only bring the generators home at night and use them then (since we save them for the shop during the day). Hubby also decided to get a dial up service last night for just such emergencies (our Comcast service is so down!) so I can at least do our banking still and that's why I'm able to post right now but this will be it for another day at least so just to let you know, I will bring the last 2 chapters of my current Christmas story to you, I just don't know how quickly.

It's sort of one day at a time here - hopefully the power will be restored to the shop sooner than our house (shop probably Monday or Tuesday, house I don't know) and then we can use the generators full time at home.

You know, with the flooding in early November and the snow storm in late November and now this, it makes me wonder if Mt Rainier is ready to blow! That's all we need - a molten mass of lava!

I guess the power being out wouldn't be so bad then, now would it?

Well, that's it. I was mainly writing to say I do plan on posting the rest of the story and to maybe just think of me (pathetic, I know). I really love you guys!

Maria signing out at Disaster Central.

(Next week: The update on the plague of frogs!)
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