December 19th, 2006


Christmas Fic Part 3 of 4 and Power Outage Update

Day 5 of the Power Outage

Yep, it is now Day 5 (count em...1...2...3...4...5!) of the Great Power Outage. Luckily, they have now powered up Issaquah completely (although I think there are still rural areas like in the mountains that are still out). There's been talk that they will start to work on the main town areas of Snoqualmie Valley. God only knows when they'll get to the rural areas out here. We rented a 45K generator for the shop. Our two 5500 gens are doing great but we don't want to take the chance with them anymore and we could really use them at home. Luckily the power at the shop should come up first (some people are talking about Thursday).

I can't wait for the power to come on at home so I can use my Comcast hi-speed internet cable. This dial-up shit sucks big time (but it's actually not as bad as most people have made out and thankfully I still have phone service!)

Since I'm still the only restaurant in town, Bigfoot came in for his double bacon cheeseburger, fries and Oreo shake fix again. I told him about dial-up and how I'm getting tired of it. He said he knew and that's why he has a MCI card. He said wireless cards are the only way to go.

Stupid know-it-all-rural-legends.

So anywho, enough about me, here's the next part of my Christmas story. After this, only one more part to go. Oh, and since my time is limited on the laptop and on dialup, I have not responded to any comments sent to me since the outage. I will do so tonight so I would still love to see feedback - good, bad, long-winded quote-filled fb - I love it all and I will respond to it...eventually...but I will respond.

So send me some love - it will brighten my day (and night - which I could use)!

Title: A Christmas Gift for Justin
Rating: R
Part: 3/4
Genre: some angst, some humor (you know me)
Pairing: Brian/Justin; Justin/other (mentorship really)
Summary: Brian seems very interested in two travelers to Pittsburgh.
Timeline: Alternate Season 1

Disclaimers: I do not own Cowlip or the boys and no - I don't know when the fucking power will come back on!

NOTE: This is a Christmas story and even though it's a little strange - it is me after all - it will have a happy ending and is safe to read. Okay? Okay.

Part 1
Part 2

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Remember what I said about feedback - I'll take it all!!!