December 26th, 2006


Power Outage Update and Belated Greetings!!!

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I would have sent greetings along sooner but physically was unable to.

First, I'd like to thank smittenkitten27 for the wonderful virtual Christmas presents and mygothangel for the delightful virtual chocolates!

Thanks you guys - that was so sweet and really made my day.

Christmas was made extra special this year, when at 1:00 PM PST on Christmas Eve (Sunday), our power was turned back on.

Let me repeat that: Our power was turned back on!!!

It had been officially 10 days without the power at that point and questionable telephone service because of it.

Joe (my hubby) had to replace the power pole himself (PSE said it was our responsibility) but he did it and wham - the inspector came out, inspected it, fire it up at the transformer, said 'Merry Christmas' and we HAD POWER!

I plan on getting back to responding to fb from chapter 3 today and posting the last part either today or tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience and once again, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!
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