January 5th, 2007


Regarding the discussion on the BJfic yahoo site

Okay, it's been a loooong fucking week (which capped off a loooong fucking holiday and oh yes, the 10 days without power did NOT help, thank you very much!!!) and my first born is going to turn 18 tomorrow (AHHH - when did that happen?), so...

I decided to drink a lovely glass of white Zinfandel (okay, maybe two - in fact, I'm pouring myself another as I write because there's another lovely storm raging outside and the power's already flickering so this might be a moot point because it'll never really get anywhere after the power goes out...again).

I probably shouldn't speak my mind out about what is being debated over on the BJfic yahoo group because I'll probably'll say something really nasty (like I'm sure I'm about to do now) so I'll just say it here.

(Ah, the zinfandel goes down rather nicely - not quite as harsh as a burgandy nor fruity as a chardonnay). So here it goes.

I stopped reading after that one chick (her name escapes me) said we should put up fics for adoption (our writing is not some goddamm homeless cat or dog looking for a home goddammit!!!) and then that other chick, Shelley I think it was, basically said how inconsiderate it was of us writers to not post a completed fic.


Sorry, I didn't mean to yell. I was always under the impression that readers would appreciate a story as it is written out. I always looked forward to something to read chapter by chapter. I know some readers have gotten into a habit of reading only finished fics, and I'm okay with that. At least they're not going around saying that that's what we're supposed to be doing.

That sentence made more sense in my head.

Anywho, another chick came around by the name of Tanya (juneprota or some such) and said that a seperate archive could be created for 'orphaned' fics with their own pretty little pat endings written by someone else! (dons Justin patronizing voice).

She then went on to say that ideas and such didn't belong to the writers of fan fic or some such nonsense and this concept really scares me.

Can our ideas and stories, even while we're still writing them I have to ask be taken and used somewhere else? I mean, by the very words she's sprouting, couldn't she also go as far to say that you could do that to someone who is currently writing something or in turn, not even get their permission?

I mean, it sounds like it's only one step away.

Or I could just be paranoid...

I just remember the fact that JRR Tolkien had written chapter after chapter in lhis etters to his son while he was ensconced in a foxhole during WW2 (which was eventually published as the Lord of the Rings trilogy). His son looked forward to those letters. No one knew if Tolkien would have been able to finish the story or if his son would have gotten to the ending. They both understood the whole point.

That sometimes, the journey itself, reading chapter by chapter, was sometimes more fun than in the ending itself.

Shit, I need more wine.

If you don't agree, or if I sound like I'm babbling, let me know..