January 23rd, 2007

money shot

Quick Question and a Squee!!!

So, first the question:

Who was the psycho boyfriend of Ted in S5? Was it Tad? Todd? I just can't remember and I cna't watch S5 right now (I let someone borrow it).

And now the squee.

Megan (my 15 year old) - AKA fluffys_girl just got accepted into the National Honor Society.


I can be modest about myself, but I like to toot my daughter's horn because she deserves it!

I am really proud of you Megan and I know how hard you've worked to get the GPA that got you in!
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QaF Cannibal Ficlet "In Ted's Room"

This is just for fun and is a ficlet in my QaF Cannibal universe. It takes place sometime around chapters 13 - 15.

Also, smittenkitten27 and jillapet have made me some icons for this story and I will post them as soon as I figure out how to do it correctly.

But for now, a little something....

Title: In Ted's Room
Characters: Justin
Summary: What is it Justin finds in Ted's room? This is from Justin's POV. This is from my cannibal universe and the timeline could be anywhere from chapter 13 to 14.
Genre: Crack!fic of course!!!
Rating: PG13?
Disclaimers: I don't own Cowlip, the boys and I don't have Harrison Ford's personal address.

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Feedback is loved as always.

Should I post this to bjfic.net? Is that allowed? The pairing on this particular ficlet is Justin only and I'm not sure if I would be breaking rules.
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