February 10th, 2007

BJ Guh Shower

I was just re-watching episode 209...

Okay, I've been rewatching the series again (QaF naturally) and I just watched episode 209.

You know, I've always wondered about that scene where Brian's mother first discovers Justin and his connection to her son and I've always wondered what people thought about that particular scene.

I've seen how wonderfully it was handled in fan fic by Ethan in the gapfiller Done, but I haven't seen it really tackled anywhere else and if it is, it's usually done with an extremely AU type of flourish.

What are your thoughts on that scene? Do you think Brian was mad at Justin? Do you think Justin actually felt bad? I can see Brian wince and then smirk when Justin waves 'hi' to his mom. I just can't get a read on that scene.

And does Joan remind anyone else of their mother cause I gotta tell ya, she's the spitting image of mine!

And what about that outfit Debbie wears when having dinner with Ben and Mikey? Does anyone else think she should be shot for wearing that hideous emsemble? She doesn't look like she's spending the evening entertaining her son's boyfriend, but trying to solicit johns on Hollywood Blvd.

And lastly, and most importantly, does anyone else ever get the cravings for cake after watching the scene with Joan barging into the loft?
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B/J cha cha cha

QaF Ficlet RPS Gale/Randy "My Life as a Gofer"

Okay, so here is one of the first installments in a series called My Life as a Gofer. I used to write this in the David/James RPS fandom. It revolves around a sweet momma's boy named Phil who worked on the set of Angel as a gofer. He got the job through his Uncle Joss (as in Whedon). I decided to resurrect Phil for the Gale/Randy RPS fandom (if there is one out there). Just so you know, when he refers to Mister Boreanaz, he means David Boreanaz and Jimmy is James Marsters, who played Angel and Spike respectively.

Also, Phil looks like a younger version of Joss Whedon, and Phil is well, a little slow on the uptake...

This is not a chapter story - each installment can stand on its own. I write these as they call to me.

My Life as a Gofer, Take Two
Pairing: Gale/Randy
Rating: Mature
Warnings: none
Summary: Phil laments about his new job and stuff
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the boys - either Cowlips's boys or Joss Whedon's but Phil and momma are all mine. This is RPS. It is only fiction. It is NOT REAL. I am not insinuating anything about Jimmy, Mister Boreanaz, Gale or Randy. I am insinuating things about Simon, but well, those were obvious.

Authors Note: Read the above intro paragraph to get the history on Phil.

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As usual, I love feedback - whatever you say, even if it's "Can't you write anything normal?" or "I've alerted the mental health facility in your area."

Also, I forget - what's the name of the comm for Gale/Randy RPS?
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