March 27th, 2007


Happy Birthday to evilmaniclaugh


And because of that, I have put you in a ficlet based on my Davey/Jimmy RPS My Life as Gofer.

I've also included Helen (hellsbells) even thought she hasn't been around lj lately but you two were my first friends on lj so here you are.

Hope you like!

Title: My Life as a Gofer - Liz and Helen take a trip to Los Angeles
Pairing: Jimmy/Davey
Warning: RPS
Timeline: during the filming of S5 of the tv series Angel

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Happy Birthday again Liz!

I still wish Helen were here...*sob*

Since I promised critic75

Here's that picture I promised you since you posted all those wonderful 'Gale in Hats' pic spam!!

Donovan in a beanie!

And here he is trying to be more contemplative:

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Go check out Joyce's 'Gale in Hats' pics at her lj here and here! There's one where he's wearing a red cap and I swear, he looks sooo like cannibal!Brian there.

Also, I want to say a big Thank You!!! to all the people who are leaving me wonderful feedback on my latest story, Through a Mirror Darkly. I'll finish replying soon. I'm doing all the mommy type things in between everything else right now.

Oh and GOOD NEWS!!!!! I received a call from this woman who runs a Japanese newspaper based in Seattle and apparently, our restaurant is a big hit in the Japanese community since we've been put on a scavenger hunt list.


So they want to meet me or hubby tomorrow morning for an interview for their paper. I really had no idea. It is kind of funny when the Japanese tourists ask for 'Little Fries' and I have to say 'that's Small Fryes.'

There's a difference. It's important.