April 14th, 2007

Through a Mirror Darkly

QaF Fic "Through a Mirror, Darkly" Chapter 18

Hello everyone.

First off, I will get back to the rest of the feedback from the last chapter. Sorry about that - but my What If challenge fic is posted so that's a done and the kids are feeling better.

Also, if you're into dark humor and old 60's and 70's movies (and Quentin Tarantino), go see Grindhouse.

That's all I have to say about that.

I should devote a whole post to it because...damn!

So, here you go, next chapter.

Love you all!!!

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Title: Through a Mirror Darkly
Chapter: 18
Pairing: Brian/Justin - duh!
Genre: Angst/Horror
Warnings: Character Death but not what you think.
Summary: Takes a strange turn at the end of Episode 217, when Brian goes to tell Justin about his new partnership.

Disclaimers: I don't own Cowlip or the boys.

Author's Note: For the purpose of this story - Justin never went on the trip to Vermont since Mikey was a good friend to BOTH Brian and Justin and convinced Justin to stay and wait for Brian.

Author's Note #2: You can pronounce Cthulhu ka-too-la.

Chapter 1 Brian comes home from Chicago
Chapter 2 Brian tries to get some answers
Chapter 3 Brian confronts the blond in his loft
Chapter 4 Brian runs into Kip
Chapter 5 Brian learns who Justin is
Chapter 6 Brian and Michael learn more
Chapter 7 Brian gets some answers from Justin
Chapter 8 Brian goes back to the loft
Chapter 9 Brian talks to Lindsay
Chapter 10 Brian goes to the diner
Chapter 11 Brian reflects on the situation with Ben
Chapter 12 Brian keeps looking for answers
Chapter 13 Brian learns some hard truths
Chapter 14 Brian remembers something
Chapter 15 Brian fucks up
Chapter 16 Brian talks to Daphne
Chapter 17 Brian finds out about Justin

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