May 17th, 2007


QaF Cannibal Crack!Fic Snippet "Gio and RC's Most Excellent Adventure"

So I did it...again.

Here's a little ficlet for the two birthday gals, Gio (paddies) and RC (mclachlan), whose birthday is tomorrow.

Happy Birthday you two! First, to paddies, this is for all the wonderful icons she's provided us with (I alone use so many of them) and her amazing site Queer Eyes that she lovingly keeps up for us. And to mclachlan who has provided us so many wonderful and beautiful fics.

Also they were there encouraging me with fb in the beginning of my cannibal! crackfic so I have written them this ficlet and put them in the cannibal!verse.

And no! They don't get eaten. ;P

Title: Gio and RC's Most Excellent Adventure
Pairing: Brian/Justin, Ben/Michael, Ted/his insane mind
Summary: Rio and RC take a road trip from Philly to the Pitts and stop off along the way somewhere they never should have and get an 'eyeful.'
Warnings: Michael's whine

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