June 16th, 2007


Gale/Randy RPS one shot

I couldn't sleep. Just woke up and started typing this. Just to bring myself back into the fandom I guess.

I think you could classify it as a Mary Sue too.

*scratches head*

Also, I just wanted to say another THANK YOU to everyone who sent me hugs the other day. A few people expressed that they didn't have the words of what they could say to make it better.

I say you don't need words. Just being there for me was and is enough.

*Hugs f-list again*

Also, if you do not want to lose an hour and a half of your life that you can never get back again? Do not, and I repeat DO NOT go see the Fantastic Four movie.

Yes, it is that bad!!!!

So here you go, just a little RPS something from me...

Title: Waking Gale
Pairing: Randy/Gale
Warning: RPS but really, there is no sex. Just people calling people in the middle of the night and some language.
Summary: Randy calls Gale in the middle of the night to talk about life, the universe and eating one's ass...

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My Fandom has chainsaws

A series of xover ficlets - "The Many Loves of Emmett"

Hi again. So remember when the drabble challenge issued a few weeks ago was for QaF crossovers? Well, I had these three in mind and then, well, I got side tracked.

So I decided to post them anyway. And oh yeah, they're no longer drabbles because they're just too fucking long. So they're part of the challenge but they're too late and they're not drabbles cuz they're too long.

You know me and rules.

Here they are...

And, oh yeah - *points to icon* - that's Ash in case you were wondering. I think you all know Dr. Peter Venkman and the Terminator.

Title: Emmett and Ash
Pairing: Emmett/Ash (Bruce Campbell)
Crossover: The Evil Dead trilogy

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Title: Emmett and the Terminator
Pairing: Emmett/Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Crossover: Terminator

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Title: Emmett and the Doctor
Pairing: Emmett/Peter Venkman (Bill Murray)
Crossover: Ghostbusters

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Feedback is loved and welcome as usual.