June 23rd, 2007

Mutant Enemy I need a hug

Megan and bear pics

So Megan is off!

She's on a plane right now (of course, she'll be taking 3 separate planes).


Megan as she comes to stand by me after check in: My suitcase is checked in. I hope they don't lose it.

Me: Don't worry. I plan on making a sacrifice to the Luggage god as soon as I get home. You'll be fine.

Megan: *chuckles* Well if they do lose it, it'll go somewhere to the Southwest where all lost luggage congregates. (Yes, she used the word congregate - she has a rather large vocab).

Me: I thought it all ends up on the planet of lost luggage.

Oh, I'll miss her. It's so weird that the day is finally here!

On another note, here are two pics of the bear Alex bought me for Mother's Day - the chainsaw carved bear.

She took it and had a little modeling session with it in various parts of the property. Innit he cute?!?!

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If I were to do chainsaw art, my bear would probably look mutated...and it wouldn't be intentional. :P

Brian/Justin Standalone "Numb"

Hi all.

So, a while back, I wrote an original story about a little girl who could talk to dead people called A day like any other day.

Someone asked if I could do something similar with Justin and Brian, so, here it is.

It takes place during episode 101.

It's dark, and angsty but there is no character death.

Except for Jack.

Title: Numb
Pairing: Justin/Brian
Timeline: During episode 101.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Dark themes, Jack is dead, insane!Justin
Summary: Justin, who can talk to the dead, keeps getting bothered by Jack who wants to make amends with Brian.

Note: Jack died a whole year earlier than in canon.

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