August 23rd, 2007


Insane Journal

So I now have an Insane Journal account. Not only do I have an account, but I have a permanent account thanks to not_yet_defined, who gave it to me for my birthday! Thank you so much babe!!!


So I'm known over there as demented_queen. You can find me here. Come friend me. I will be posting my current WIP there too (as well as here). Yes, I'm still here. :)

I've had quite a relaxing day for my birthday (except for taking Rowan to the dentist, going to Costco for supplies and doing shop inventory and some laundry - yes, this was a quiet day for me).

I would love to thank jillapet and shadownyc for their virtual prezzies.

And I received some e-cards from smittenkitten27, qafmaniac, beauty_forashes and such_a_steph, who I might add, added a Monkey!Mikey to it!

I am such a bad influence. :P

Thank you guys!!! That was very sweet!

Thank you for all the well wishes! *hugs f-list*

*goes to convince hubby it's time to take me to the restaurant now - and no, not my restaurant*