September 9th, 2007

Spudyman/Alex OTP

Zoo pics and sunny Washington

Hey everyone!

*waves from sunny and beautiful Western Washington*

Seriously, the weather has been beautiful lately! Sunny and slightly breezy. Songs are written about days like these. I love early Fall in the Pacific Northwest mountains!!! :)

Joe and I went on a motorcycle ride yesterday because it was so perfect. I think he's getting old though. Our top speed at one time was only 145 mph.

Yep. Old age is setting in.

Oh! And Joe is bringing home a little dirt bike for Rowan now. She's been strapping on Griffon's armor and running around with it so oh yeah...she's ready.

We just got back from the zoo today. You really have to take advantage of days like today up here (firehead30 knows what I'm talking about). So we packed up four of the five kids and went to a small zoo up in our area.

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I will be responding to fb on the last chapter of Justin's Baby today. I seriously have been rather busy.

Hope all is well with the flist and that you're having as beautiful weather as we are! :)