November 27th, 2007


Movie Rec Lars and the Real Girl

Well I'm glad people are having a fun time with the Which QaF Cannibal Character are you? quiz.

There are a surprising number of Ranger Bens out there. *lifts eyebrow suspiciously*

Anywho, I remember I said that Beowulf was a horrid movie and to NOT NOT NOT see it.

Well, I have been wanting to post a rec for a movie that you SHOULD GO SEE for a while now but keep getting distracted!!!!

It's called Lars and the Real Girl.

Yes, it's the movie where the guy 'dates' a sex doll.

Here's a preview courtesy of youtube:

Why should you see it? Am I really that insane that I would rec a movie about a guy with a sex doll?

Well, yes, I am insane but that's beside the point.

This movie is perfect. Ryan Gosling is perfect is as the flawed yet sweet hero. You just want to take the man home and take care of him.

And another perfect performance is by Paul Schneider as his brother Gus. This man has to show a range of emotions and he does so perfectly.

Half the time I was laughing during the movie.

The other half I was silently crying.

I absolutely ADORE this movie and I think you will too.
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