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I'm pretty sure at this point that my livejournal email account is not working. Either that or nobody likes me...*sob*

I think it's the email. firehead30 suggested I get a gmail account cuz she was having problems with the livejournal email too.

So, if you would like a Christmas card from me, email me at :


with your address (don't forget your lj name so I know who you are!).

I will send you back a confirmation email once I get it.

If you sent me one on the livejournal email, send it to the gmail one.

So I bought some shoes. This is a big deal for me because I only wear three pairs a year. A pair of flip flops, my Timberlands and my Uggs.

They're called Keens and they're so comfortable.

So I bought 2 pairs.


picture of Maria's new shoesCollapse )

Also, it appears that some monster ate some Christmas decorations and then threw up all over the lobby of my restaurant.

Okay, that was a visual you probably didn't need and a simple, 'whoa! I think they overdid it on the Christmas decor at the shop,' but what can I say.

I have a way with words. :)

Here are some pics of our lobby:

pics of our lobbyCollapse )

See what I mean?

Looks nice though. We do this every year but there seems to be an increase this year. (The mural was always there).

NOW, we have to set up the Christmas lights up outside. If the lobby is any indication this year, we should be the brightest dot in Snoqualmie Valley. :)
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