December 2nd, 2007


SNOW! ICONS! And baby!Orli...

The start of December kicked off to a great start!

14 inches of snow!!!!

Seriously...14 inches! :)

So before I could get the kids into warm wear, they were outside playing in it. I finally got them into warm coats, waterproof gloves, hats and thermal underwear. Then they got out the sleds and tubes and voila!

They were out for a long time today going down the hill in our backyard. They also made an igloo and tried to get the kitty involved.

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Another wonderful start to my holidays were some icons by the talented and generous qafmaniac who made me some QaF cannibal icons.

*points to my icon*

That's the Ranger Ben one. I have 3 more on my icon journal. They all say "Merry Christmas from Hell."

Thank you qafmaniac again!!!! *blows kisses*

Lastly, I was surfing youtube again and I came upon this somehow:

This would be Orlando Bloom's guest starring role on Midsomer Murders (a role he played in one episode before he went on to make Lord of the Rings). Someone put together all his scenes from the episode Judgement Day.

He's so cute!!!!

(I thought it was cute...)