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17 December 2007 @ 05:36 pm
Hi everyone!

Remember the cannibal!verse?

Well, here's a Christmas present for everyone who loves the tale of our favorite cannibals!

There's two parts. I have the second one written and I'll post that tomorrow!

So here you go!


Title: Cannibal Christmas Interlude
Part 1 of 2 parts (2nd part tomorrow - it's already written)
Pairing: B/J
Warnings: It's the cannibal!verse. Come on!!!!
Summary: This takes place right after chapter 16 of the ongoing saga of our favorite cannibals. It's Christmas!!!! (I know it's still summer in the story - just read and you'll see).

Disclaimer: The Qaf gang are really cannibals, Justin really is that clueless and Dan and Ron were really eaten...so I can write whatever I want about these people!

Okay, so none of the above is true.

Part 1 - Wherein we learn the true meaning of ChristmasCollapse )

I love feedback like the gang loves their red meat!!!!

(And Justin loves Brian's yule log).
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