March 7th, 2008

MOM my head hurts

Legolas, cannibal!Brian, Waffle, his doll and Me Picspam...

So, I thoroughly apologize for my drunken attempt the other night at writing fic.

If it was an experiment, it failed miserably! LOL!

On top of all that, I pissed off cannibal!Brian cuz I paired Ted with Justin.

And on top of that, I put a bucket in his hands. Remember what it means when Brian has a bucket in his hands.

It means you're usually on the wrong side of the cage!

So I decided to employ the help of Waffle and his voodoo doll to take care of the little problem:

I caught a glimpse of cannibal!Brian as he was leaving the homestead:


Collapse )

*shakes head*

I just need to take that damn doll away from Waffle!

And I would so love to thank the wonderful critic75 for the lovely pics of cannibal!Brian. I heard she stalks him with her camera everywhere he goes. :)