March 20th, 2008

Orlando Good Night

Wedding pics of my niece!

Woo Hoo! My niece (my sister's youngest daughter) was married in November in Arizona and she just gave me the link to the photos. Sadly, I couldn't make it to the wedding at the time. Here are some of the pics that I thought were cool.

Seriously, this is one of the most colorfully eclectic weddings I've seen in a long time and Charlene was just gorgeous!

Also of note. I included pics of her shoes - A SHOE ALERT FOR firehead30!!!!!!

Anywho, here's the first one:


My niece, Charlene!

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You can totally bypass this whole update. I just thought the pics were cool and now you know the people I came from. :)

Also, I don't know what's up but I can't sleep so I'm just here doing this. I should really go to bed...