April 4th, 2008

Orlando making faces

"Death Does Not Become Him" Orlibean Chapter 10

Sorry I've been out of it for so long.

I've had to deal with taxes, price changes at the shop, trying out a new product and trying to get the best deal on the products we get.

I haven't read anything, I didn't get to write anything and oh yeah! My mother-in-law is coming to visit in 2 weeks!

Is there anyone who could put me up for a while?



Title: Death Does Not Become Him
Chapter 10
Pairing: Orlibean
Rating: R
Warnings: supernatural. minor character death, talk of death, language, VERY DARK HUMOR
Summary: What if there were people who could see how, what of and when a person will die? What if one of those people was Orlando? And how does Sean fit into all this?

Disclaimer: None of this is true. I don’t own the guys. This pub was real, but not now. It didn't have the same problems. Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush did not own it.

Author's Note: Unbeta'd as my beta is on vacation.

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