July 17th, 2008


Pics of my kids and other stuff...

Good news. My What to do when you're doing hard time Orlibean standalone was well received. I was a bit afraid it wouldn't.

Someone asked how I was able to make people, sociopaths specifically, likable.

I think back to my making the Queer as Folk gang cannibals and all I can say is:

It's a gift.


It's just that I'm not sure being the criminally insane's spokesperson is a good idea. :P

So I'm not sure, but it's been a looooong time since I've posted some pics of the kids. Under the cut are a few of Donovan and Rowan (my two youngest).

Just in case you've ever wondered where someone like me lives, I can assure you it's not in a white, padded room.


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I wish I had gotten some better pics of Griffon on the 4th. Next to Christmas, it's his favorite holiday.


He loves the big mortars and the splashy stuff that hubby brings out at night, but he adores the minor ones that he can set off for fun.

Just so you know, I'm sticking to my resolve to write an hour each day.

So, go me!!!!!