July 22nd, 2008


The new Batman movie and my take on the Joker


So I went and saw The Dark Knight.


The Joker definitely owns that movie.

I regret that Heath Ledger was not able to see his role come to life on the big screen.

Because he was just...Wow.

I've seen so many sociopaths and psychopaths played out on the big screen and in books and (yes, in my mind when I'm writing), but this one is new. It actually took me by surprise.

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Because this is his movie, the Joker's that is.

The first one (Batman Begins) was Batman's (Christian Bale). And I loved the first one because it showed us a Bruce Wayne that we could believe was Batman.

But this movie, is his (the Joker's) movie and somewhere, I hope, Heath knows it.

Anywho, I saw the movie on Saturday night and I'm still thinking about the character of the Joker. What does that have to say about it?

Except for the character of Lars from Lars and the Real Girl (and that scene where he's with the doctor and you see him coming to terms with being able to touch people again - that scene killed me in the theatre and still bothers me to this day), I rarely find myself still thinking about a move character this long.