October 8th, 2008

Waffle Carmen Miranda

Birthday Wishes to brianswalk and the ham reference

Okay first off, it was such_a_steph who won the little trivia question about my ham costume.

It was from To Kill a Mockingbird and it was Scout who said, and I quote, "I was to be a ham," when talking about her Halloween costume. I love Scout. I always loved Scout. Probably because I could identify with her so much.

And yes, I wore the same kind of baggy overalls when I wasn't wearing my parochial school uniform.

So she can request whatever she wants from whatever verse (the cannibal verse, the mirror verse, Justin's Baby verse or even my orlibean verse).

And on another note, I noticed that it's brianswalk birthday today. I've been terribly remiss in wishing people a happy birthday and doing something for them. So here you go hon!

I decided to use Waffle and his voodoo book. I acquired one of Brian's hairs. he plans on making him your luuurve slave.

So here he is with 'the book:'


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Happy Birthday Lisa!!!!

New Standalone Fic! A Queer as Folk/Lotr RPS xover

Something for everyone here! For both the Lotr RPS people AND for my Brian/Justin people.

For such_a_steph:

Title: How Orlando Came to be in the Pitts
Pairing: Justin/Brian from QaF, Orlando
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: Queer as Folk xover with Lotr RPS. Yep. I did it. Orlando, from my Death Does Not Become Him universe (this would be quite a few years ago. Orli's about 19 here) takes a trip with Viggo, Dommie and Billy to Pittsburgh witnessing 'the meeting' between Justin Taylor and Brian Kinney.
Orlando, just so you know, has the ability to see how a person will die. Just so there's no confusion. :)
Now that was a mouthful!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these boys and none of it is true. The timeline doesn't even match up for fucksake.

Note: This is for such_a_steph because she guessed the ham reference correctly. She wanted wither something with Orli in the Death!verse or something with Justin in the overalls.

So I put Orli in the overalls...

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