October 28th, 2008


Have you seen this banner?

Okay, I'm sorry but I just had to show this banner.

If the author or the creator of the banner have a problem with me reposting it here, I'm sorry, I'll take it down but I just have to show you this:


Do you see the baby in that picture?

Oh God! It just makes me want to have another one (Alex and Griffon looked so much like that when they were babies).

I just want to pinch those cheeks and take him home.


Just one of my 'isn't that the cutest fucking thing you ever saw' moments...

P.S. I just posted the cannibal fic to MW. LOL!

Also, I just attended another hearing with the county regarding our shed at the shop so I'm feeling a little better right now.

It's been occupying my thought processes for awhile.
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