November 26th, 2008

Orlando making faces

"In Search of...Bigfoot" Orlando/Jake Part 1/2 crack!fic

I am dedicating this to giselleslash, since she was the inspiration for this CRACK FIC - yes, it is a CRACK FIC - after a conversation we had the other day. :)

Um...where should I cross-post this? I don't know if I want to post it at orlandoslash?

Title: "In Search of...Bigfoot"
Part 1/2
Pairing: Stoner!Orlando/Stoner!Jake Gyllenhaal - Bigfoot (There is no, I repeat, NO bestiality in this so calm down)
Rating: R for language and giggling stoner boys
Summary: Stoned and completely fucked up out of their minds, Orlando and Jake stumble upon one of mankind's greatest mysteries. Of course, the real mystery in all this is how Jake managed to drive them from Point A to Point B without killing anyone. :P

Disclaimer: Uh yeah. So not true. I don't know these boys and I have no proof of the existence of Bigfoot...yet.

I will post part 2 after Thanksgiving, on Friday. (It's written, but not edited).

Oh yeah. I put Orlando in those white overalls again. *smiles evilly*

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